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Lilah is Manny and Malaise's ten year old sister. She is voiced by Tara Strong.


Lilah is one of the most mature characters, along with Malaise. However, she is not as short-tempered, and is very patient and forgiving. She, like Malaise, demonstrates a much more practical and level headed personality than most of the other characters. She smiles in My Fair Lilah, cause the beauty pageant contestants to go to the underworld.

During the death mission, her personality does not change that much, even though she is a tomboy. She is still rather quiet and polite.Lilah knows how to impress girls. One time, Malaise states that it would be easier if boys could date girls. Malaise smiles and agrees.


Lilah of Mexican descent of around ten or eleven months old. She wears a pale pink baby pajamas. She also wears a pale pink hair bow. She has black hair,pink cheeks and large brown eyes.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Skilled CombatantEdit

Although her physical prowess is exceeded by Jorge, Lilah is shown to be very agile and a good fighter. 


Lilah has the ability to change her hairbow into a scythe.


  • Lilah is similar to Frida Suarez because of their tomboyish nature.
  • Lilah smiles in The Baby Flu,My Fair Lilah and Soul mania.